Historic Look at The Delaware County Fair

For almost 175 years, young and old alike have looked forward to The Delaware County Fair. This year’s Fair, held from August 11-16 in Walton, will be the 173rd celebration of Delaware County’s agricultural and cultural heritage.

The Delaware County Fair began with the formation of the Delaware County Agricultural Society and the fair they sponsored on October 12, 1841. The Fair was held at the inn of Charles L. Judson at the corner of Main St. and Meredith St. in Delhi. Considered a success, the event became an annual ritual that was usually held in Delhi except during the 1850s and 1860s when it moved between Delhi, Walton, Bloomville, Andes, Hobart and Franklin.

The Delaware Valley Agricultural Society of Walton, New York was created in 1887 and began in that year to hold its own Great Walton Fair. Both agricultural societies held annual fairs between 1887 and 1925. Beginning in 1926 the Great Walton Fair became the only fair in Delaware County and thus assumed the title of The Delaware County Fair.

For more information and an entertaining read, look at “160 Fair Years The Story of the Delaware County Fair 1841-2001” that was written for the Walton Historical Society by Ruth Bean.