Local Producer’s Documentary to be Presented at Delaware County Historical Association

Documentary producer Nancy Burnett will present her audio documentary, The Battle for Water: One Big City and Many Little Towns, at the Delaware County Historical Association on Saturday, April 5th at 2 to 3:30 pm.

This classic story of conflict resolution is told by eight key participants who negotiated the landmark 1997 New York City Memorandum of Agreement.

The documentary opens as watershed communities band together to resist new watershed regulations in 1990. We hear the story of homes lost and communities destroyed for the creation of New York City’s upstate reservoirs, and the hatred that resulted. After years of acrimonious litigation, the Governor’s Office steps in to mediate. Participants reach a landmark agreement as New York City agrees to pay for improvements needed to protect water quality and acknowledges the needs of people living in the watershed.

Burnett interviewed negotiators from the Watershed, the City, the Governor’s Office and the environmental community in the pivotal moments after the signing of the draft MOA in 1995 and following approval of the final agreement in 1997.

“The story was still fresh in their minds,” says Burnett, “and the interviews captured their passion.”

Public reaction to the documentary has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic. It was broadcast on WSKG public radio in Binghamton, WJFF community radio in Jeffersonville and WIOX community radio in Roxbury. Listeners called it “a superb piece of radio documentary,” “very well done and balanced,” “a very complex issue, beautifully scripted, produced, and joined with various voices.”

Burnett will be available after the presentation for questions and answers. The audience is invited to share their personal experiences and recollections as well.

This event is free and open to the general public. 

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