William Hendry Hickok, conductor on the Ulster and Delaware Railroad

William Hendry Hickok, date unknown. Hickok spent his adult life working as a conductor on the Ulster and Delaware Railroad. This was a 106-mile-long route running fron Oneonta to Kingston Point, and was specifically designed to bring tourists to the Catskills. 

The midpoint of the U & D run was Bloomville, and Hickok took a room there at the home of William Blakely Peters. Eventually Hickok married Peters' daughter Sarah, and the two of them -- three of them, after their dirst child, Hannah Rosella Hickok was borm -- lived in the same household until the death of WB Peters in 1904.

The Hickok family arrived in Schoharie County in the 1790s. William Hendry Hickok died in 1937. This picture was scanned directly from a family photograph - - Carolyn Flanders Hickok McPherson, granddaughter.


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