Delaware County Historical Association Annual Meeting 2010

Sunday November 7th at 2pm in Delhi, DCHA will host their annual meeting. A brief business meeting followed by a film of John Burroughs the creator of the nature essay, who was born and raised in nearby Roxbury.

John Burroughs



Roxbury’s Doctor Doolittle

“Mr. Ed,” the 1960’s television comedy featuring a talking horse, actually originated in the Catskills. The series was inspired by the 25 Mr. Ed stories authored by Walter Brooks, who wrote most of them while living in Roxbury, Delaware County, from 1938 to 1958. In addition to over 100 other short stories, he also wrote 26 children’s books starring Freddy the Pig. Freddy and a supporting cast of wild and domestic animals could talk, leading some to call the series the American Winnie-the-Pooh.


The Historic Walton Theatre

As was the case in many small towns around the country, a village wasn’t complete until it had it’s own Opera Hall. While it may seem like a funny goal for today’s communities, pleasureable pursuits were a sign of the wealth of a town, and having the time, and clothes, to attend the finer arts like opera was indeed a sign you had arrived.

Walton Theatre Audience


Teaching in Bovina’s One Room Schools

Explore a little of the history of teachers who ruled the roost at the 13 schools in Bovina.  

Maynard Schoolhouse, Bovina

Bovina Historical Society

Click here for full article on Ray LaFever's blog.  Photo:Jean Hoy at the Maynard School, c. 1920s, picture courtesy of the Bovina Historical Society.


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